Girl from Chennai fights with dad for UG course, complains

CHENNAI: A Chennai Girl Has Submitted A Complaint Against Her Father For Not Allowing Her To Follow A University Undergraduate Course After Completing Class XII. She Wants To Study Journalism Or Law, Her Father Wants Her To Study Bcc Chemistry And Become A Teacher.

Things Reached A Critical Point When The Father Refused To Submit His Qualification Sheets And The Original Certificates Needed To Apply To The Universities. The Girl Saw The Childline Number (1098) On The Back Of A Textbook And Asked For Help On Tuesday. The Childline Authorities Asked Local Police To Investigate The Matter.

The 17-year-old Who Lives In Iyyapanthangal In Chennai Became Interested In Journalism And Law From A Very Young Age. She Was One Of The Best In Her School On The X-Class Board Exams, But She Got Only 65% ​​in Class 12, Apparently Because She Was Upset By A Tiff Between Her Parents During The Exams.

" Although I Was Not In Good Terms With My Mother, My Father Loved Me A Lot And I Was Always Interested In My Academic Career," La Niña Told TOI. Days Before The Results Of The Examination Exited, She Spoke About Her Journalism Aspirations Towards Her Father. He Vigorously Opposed The Idea, Told Him It Would Not Go Well, And Advised Him To Follow A Science Course That Had Several Job Opportunities, La Niña Said.

Soon After The Results Came Out, His Father Moved Out Of His House. While He Was Leaving, He Took The Girl's Certificates So That She Would Not Act On His Own.

My Mother Is A Housewife And She Has Very Little Idea About University Courses. Without A Lot Of Financial Support, I'm Struggling To Buy Even Application Forms. My Friends Have Already Confirmed Their Admissions. I Feel Excluded, She Added.

A Police Officer From Sevvapet Station Said They Had Spoken Both With The Girl As With Their Father. He Has Agreed To Return The Certificates On Wednesday, The Officer Added.