The court of Jharkhand modifies the order to 'donate Koran'

RANCHI: A court here on Wednesday amended its order by asking a university student, arrested by an offensive publication on Facebook, to donate copies of the Koran As a precondition for the deposit.

The court of judicial magistrates had granted conditional bail to Richa Bharti on Monday and had asked to present a copy of it to the premises in the presence of the police authorities, and four more copies to different libraries in the city.

The management provoked a huge protest on social media with the hashtag #RichaBharti on Twitter on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the court changed his order and allowed him a regular bond by providing a bond of Rs 7000 and two guarantees of equal amount each.

Judge Singh imposed the condition that one of the guarantors should be a resident of the Ranchi district and another who was a relative of the petitioner.