Donald Trump stops for long-term claim that Democrats have stolen for two years

WASHINGTON: Claiming Two Years Of His Tenure Have Been" Stolen" By Democrats Having A Witch Hunt, The American President Donald Trump Claimed He Gets Into The White House For Another Two Years In A Series Of Tweets Featuring A Ghost Democracy That Has Held Elections And Power Transfers For Nearly A Hundred And Fifty Years In The Course Of 2020.

After Various Other Statements Indicating That He Is Thinking Of Dictators Going Beyond The Democratic Norms, The Latest Tweets From Trump Liberal And Moderate Americans Of Mediocre Times Used To An Ordinary System. The American President Exacerbated His Suggestion By Reversing The Position Of The FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller , Who Investigated If Trump Conspired With Russia And Hindered Justice, Should Testify Before Congress, Because It Is Not Needed That Democrats (Controlling Congress) Reopen The Issue When Probe Confirmed Its Position (False)

But It Was His Dark Clue To Extend His Presidency Over The Normal Four-Year Term That Increased Democrats Who Have Already Told That Trump Prepares Ground To Undermine Constitutional Standards And Will Not Give Up Power If He Loses The 2020 Elections. The American President Ignited The Debate By Retweeting Conservative Academic Science Jerry Falwell , Who Said He Supported" Reparations" For The President." Trump Should Have Added 2 Years To His First Term As A Repayment For The Time Stolen By This Corrupt Coup," He Tweeted.

" In Spite Of The Huge Success That I Had As President, Including Perhaps The Greatest ECONOMY And The Most Successful First Two Years Of Any President In History, They Have Stolen Two Years From My (us) Presidency (Collusion Delusion) That We Never In Will Be Able To Come Back ... The Witch Hunt Is Past But We Will Never Forget. MAKE AMERICA GOOD AGAIN!" Trump Tweette And Endorses Falwell's Suggestion.

Although Some Of Trump's Supporters And Commentators Were Inclined To Believe That The President Was Joking About Extending His Term Of Office, Others Pointed Out That He Made Similar Statements In The Past That Indicated That He Would Not Like To Give Up Power, Including Expressing Admiration For The Lifelong Tenacity Of Dictators And Monarchs With Who He Appears To Be The Best To Get On. He Also Said That The US Should Abolish The Term Limits (which Limit The Presidency To Two Four-year Terms) Before Clarifying:" You Know The Last Time I Jokingly Said The Newspapers Are Starting To Say, ' # X27; Despotic Tendencies."

But There Is A Growing Concern That, Among All The Jokes, He Is Preparing Areas And Preparing His Heavy-duty Base To Challenge An Election Result That Will Not Make Him A Winner In 2020. Trump Has Long Been Claiming That There Are A Huge Number Of Illegal Voters In The US Who Are Obliquely Opposed To The Democratic Party And Who Are Sidelining And Silencing Conservatives (other Liberals Claim That Minorities Have No Rights).

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Among Other Things, He Warns That Trump Will Not Leave Unless Democrats Win Big Enough." This Is Just As Loud A Warning As Anyone Could Ask: Trump Is Not Going To Leave His Sinecure And Expose Him To Prison," Said Constitutional Lawyer Laurence Tribe.

Held up as a model, mature Democracy for rest of the world, the U.S has gone in for elections and transfer of power with clockwork precision since 1845, when rules were framed to schedule Presidential polls every four years on Tuesday following the first Monday in November (after harvest and before the onset of severe winter), with the presidential swearing in taking place on the following January 20.

The Constitution Was Also Amended By The Twenty-Second Amendment In 1951 To Limit An Elected President To Two Terms, A Total Of Eight Years After Franklin Roosevelt Had Broken The Convention By Being Elected For A Fourth Term. The Amendment Initiated The 150 Year Old Convention That Was Based On Founder President George Washington's Decree To Retire After Two Terms, Although Some Other Founding Fathers Were By Time.