MP: Overcrowded hospitals, ICE officer takes 70 children home

BHOPAL: When the overcrowding came when more than 500 people arrived at the headquarters of the Sidhi district for blood tests, the district collector took more than 70 children to his official residence on Wednesday. All children now stay at home and receive the remaining treatment on Thursday.

It is noteworthy that the state government is running a unit for anemic children called. Under the scheme, anemic children are identified and taken for blood tests in district hospitals and, if the problem is found to be acute, a blood transfusion is also performed.

Under the same scheme, health workers brought an unexpected 530 children from across the district to headquarters on Wednesday.

In addition, at the district hospital where we could accommodate more than 200 children, we also made arrangements in some private hospitals and also in the district. The unit is on during the last week and blood transfusions of more than 600 anemic children have been carried out so far. On average, 100 to 125 children came every day, said district collector Sidhi to TOI.

He added: But today, suddenly, there were more than 530 children, we settled them in the available places, but there were around 70 additional children, so I brought them to my official residence. It's good, the children are playing and I'm also enjoying your company.

Today tests were performed and the remaining treatment would be administered tomorrow. They would stay at my house with their relatives and relatives, Singh said.