Jaipur accident: a high-speed car wreaks havoc on JDA Circle and kills two

JAIPUR: Two brothers were killed and at least four others were seriously injured after being hit in vehicles around Tuesday afternoon.

The incident, captured by the closed circuit television of the police control room, showed a white car at full speed plowing through the vehicles that waited under a red light at the signal. Pedestrians and bicycle drivers were thrown several meters high in the air before falling on the road.

Dr. Puneet Parashar (30) and his younger brother Vivek Parashar (28) died on the spot, while at least four others have suffered critical injuries. Meetha Lal (22), a native of the Tonk district, told TOI that he was crossing the street when a vehicle hit him. They threw me several feet high in the air. When I crashed on the road I was unconscious. Slowly I opened my eyes and found a great commotion around me, but I felt as if I had become deaf, he said. Meetha was discharged from the hospital after the initial treatment.

The place showed the signs of the tragic accident that took place at 4:30 pm. Broken parts of damaged vehicles, broken helmets and torn pieces of clothing, some soaked in blood, scattered around the Circle area. Sandals and shoes splashed with blood from the two victims indicated the magnitude of the accident.

The car of the TOI journalist Ashish Sen suffered serious damage in the accident, as the impact caused the car to turn 90 degrees when it crashed into the divider. He had a narrow escape, with injuries.

DCP (Traffic) Rahul Prakash said that driver Virendra Jain was caught by the police. Jain took a ride in his car from the junction of the University and headed towards JDA Circle. Initially, its speed was minimal, but it accelerated suddenly. It crashed directly against the young people on bicycles that died in the place, he said. Both Puneet and Vivek were thrown several feet in the air. Jain had gotten into his bike directly. The collision was so intense that the duo threw themselves on three vehicles and fell on the road, said Prakash, adding that a medical test will be conducted on the defendant to verify if he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

The police have reserved Jain under Section 304A (causing death by negligence). The father of the deceased, Raj Kumar Parashar, said: My two children wore helmets and always drove properly. They had to pay the price of someone else's negligence.

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