Bhopal: Poisoned child, put in a box and left to die

BHOPAL: The charred body of a three and a half year old boy, missing since Sunday, was found wrapped in a blanket in an abandoned house just 10 meters from his house in Bhopal Kolar's area on Tuesday. For almost two days, his family and the police desperately sought him out while little Varun Meena lay poisoned and suffocated to death in a container of wheat in a neighbor's house.

The suspects, a middle-aged woman and her 16-year-old son, were within hours of finding the body. The police say it was for revenge: the defendants believed that Varun's family had conceived a robbery at his home a month ago. A puja of coconut, a box of sweets and a white cloth was found at the scene of the crime, which led the locals to suspect a Tantric sacrifice, but the police denied it.

Coming just over a month after an eight-year-old girl was raped and murdered in Bhopal and in the backdrop of the kidnap-murder of the Chitrakoot twins, this abduction and murder of a toddler triggered outrage across the state.

DGP V K Singh personally inspected the crime scene and the investigation was conducted by DIG Irshad Wali. Chief Minister Kamal Nath tweeted: Those accused of killing Varun have been arrested. They will be prosecuted quickly and the trial will be conducted in a fast track court. The government will do everything necessary to give them the strictest punishment. The family will do it. get justice.

The woman, in her horrible confession, has told the police that she fed her baby food with ant poison when she went home to play on Sunday night. When Varun fell unconscious, she put it in a steel container. When the news of his kidnapping spread and the police invaded the whole village, he put the unconscious child in another steel container, filled it with grains of wheat and closed the lid. The police say that Varun was alive until then and he died asphyxiated in the wheat box. Early on Tuesday morning, fearing the police would go from home to home, she burned her body in a nearby house that had been abandoned for more than a year.

The police say that she had planned the removal of the body to the last detail. He wrapped the body in a thick blanket before setting it on fire so that the smoke did not escape and alert the neighbors.

The smoke from the abandoned house gave the police the track.

He stained cow droppings on the blanket to mask the stench, and poured water on the floor to prevent the fire from spreading, and get attention, police say. But small wisps of smoke betrayed her.

DIG Irshad Wali said that SDOP Misrod Anil Tripathi and SHO Kolar Anil Bajpai went door to door when they caught a puff of smoke from the abandoned house around 2 pm and decided to investigate. Also in the kidnapping of Chitrakoot, the gang had held the twins hostage in an abandoned house that the police lost during their searches. This time, however, the police climbed the boundary wall and knocked down the door to find the creepy remains.

IG Yogesh Deshmukh, DIG Wali and other senior officers rushed to the site with a forensic team. DGP V K Singh also arrived in the town of Chichli and inspected the crime scene.

The DIG said they found clues in the place that led to an adjacent house. After two more hours of investigation, the police arrested the 40-year-old woman who lived in that house with her two children. DIG Wali and ASP zone-1 Akhil Patel interrogated her and she revealed the horrifying story. When the policemen took her to the police station, a mob gathered and tried to lynch her, but the police rescued her from hand-to-hand combat. The DIG was injured in the arm during this violence.

He said that on June 16, when he was absent attending a wedding, his house was ransacked and 500 grams of silver, some gold jewelry and 30,000 rupees in cash were stolen. When he returned home the next day, Varun's family was partying at his house. She suspected that Varun's father was behind a robbery in his house and was making fun of her for the party. This led to a great dispute between the two families, Wali said.

On Sunday night, when Varun went home to play, he was overcome by the thirst for revenge and poisoned him, he told police. When the alarm went off, some villagers sent the police down a false road that claimed to have seen a white SUV driving away at full speed. The police spent a lot of time tracking each white SUV that had passed.

The DIG Wali said that the minor son of the woman, a minor, came to his house at 8:30 p.m. to find everyone looking for the child. He joined the search and returned home at 11:30 pm, only to see his mother change the unconscious Varun to another container and fill it with wheat, according to the police. That's why he was made co-accused. He knew that his mother had poisoned the child. Varun was alive then, said DIG Wali.

As there was no progress in SUV theory, a massive search was started at the homes, Wali said. Terrified, she moved Varun's body to the abandoned house around 5 to 6 am Tuesday, and burned it, Wali said. DGP Singh met Varun's family and promised them fast justice.