The Chhattisgarh government will not serve egg at school to deliver it home

RAIPUR: As the controversy over eggs at noon meals overflows, the Congress government has put forward a win-win proposal: eggs for those who want it, instead of serving them at school. This home delivery service will be launched in the event that the parent-teacher committees choose not to serve eggs in schools and anganwadi, according to sources.

The chief secretary of the school education department, Gaurav Dwivedi, told all district collectors to convene meetings between the school development committee and the parents within two weeks to discuss the issue. If the panel concludes that most parents do not agree with the idea of ​​serving eggs at midday meals, then the government will identify children who want to eat eggs and deliver them at home, the sources say.

An initiative was taken to balance proteins and calories in children's health by giving them eggs or milk or any other food of equivalent nutritional value at midday meals, the letter says.

'Discuss topic with school bodies, parents'

Since children from vegetarian families also eat lunch at school, a solution for their preferences for implementation is clarified. Arrangements must be made to boil the eggs separately. Children who do not want eggs should sit in a separate sequence for the midday meal, he adds.

Dwivedi also suggested that vegetarians be served soy milk, crunchy proteins, fortified biscuits, soybeans, chikki peanuts and fortified lentils. The eggs have put the state's policy on the boil, with the opposition BJP and the Congress of Janata delineating with Kabir Panthis and demanding that the eggs be removed from the midday meal. The congressional government's argument that vegetarian children are offered alternatives does not cut the ice, and the opposition wants the eggs to be totally banned. Nutritionists, pediatricians and around 37 NGOs have supported the government, saying that eggs would be crucial to combat malnutrition and that they should be served to those who want it.