Classrooms turn into prison cells when floods flood Assam prison

GUWAHATI: The Dhubri Girls' College will function as a prison, at least until the floods in Assam recede. The prisoners of the 401 men and eight women were taken to the makeshift prison on Monday night after the prison was flooded.

On Monday night, the flood waters began to enter the prison. The procedure to be followed was in place. The police and the district administration had to choose a site. It was the first option. But it also flooded.

The campus of the university, just 100 meters from the prison, was the next. It helped that the summer holidays were underway. The Dhubri district administration notified the university campus when the new jail facility began and relocation began. In an hour and a half, we had moved all the interns, said TOI Raunak Ali Hazarika, DIG (western rank).

But then, the university building was flooded. The inmates were quickly placed in the first floor classrooms, where they are now confined.

Without taking any chances, police personnel have been patrolling the area, fording the flood waters around the building.

While the prison staff and the existing system are in place, an additional Panbari police company was called. The district administration has also involved senior officials to monitor the situation, the DIG said.

The Assam police are expecting the situation to improve soon.