Indore: Soon, check the application to find out what's on the plate in Chhappan Dukan

INDORE: the popular food street in the city - it will soon have a fingerprint. The district administration will prepare a mobile application that will provide information on a wide range of foods served by the restaurants here and allow consumers to rate them according to quality, environment and cleanliness.

Food lovers can even get information on the history of the market, the famous personalities who have visited this place and what makes these restaurants so popular.

With the help of the local food department, we have started creating restaurant maps in Chhappan Dukan to number the stores and gather information about the foods they serve. The same will be available in a mobile application along with the contact numbers of the owners, food nutrition levels and the specialty of restaurants, said collector Lokesh Kumar Jatav to TOI.

Area merchants have also submitted a proposal to establish a common dishwashing area, which is expected to cost around Rs 16 lakh. If things go according to plan, a common dishwashing area will be established on an empty plot in the market. The merchants have generated funds representing around 50 percent of the total cost and have applied for a subsidy from the state government, official TOI Manish Swami told TOI.

He said that a watchtower has been proposed in a police post at the corner of the market on MG Road to improve market security and, for this, he has sought the help of the collector.

The district administration will also help the market association in its plan to make the entire area an area without vehicles and improve its safety and cleanliness.

An important step that is expected to alleviate traffic congestion, facilitate the movement of visitors and increase the footprints in this sense is to become a zone without vehicles. In the afternoon, the administration is contemplating providing a free/paid parking lot on a site at the nearby Vivekanand School of Government, said Swami.

The administration will discuss this proposal from Chhappan Dukan Vyapari Sangh with the school education department and allow visitors to park vehicles on school grounds on a trial basis on Sunday. Depending on your success, an agreement is likely to be arranged throughout the week.

Improving the experience of food lovers.

Foods that serve Chhappan Dukan restaurants must pass a laboratory test from the food department before they appear on the application.

The application will provide information on the items served in each store along with their nutrition levels. Consumers can rate them and leave comments as well.

Food lovers can even use the application to locate a particular store and even place orders by contacting the owners whose number will be mentioned.

A watchtower is likely to appear at the police outpost. The market is already under CCTV surveillance.

The area can be converted into a complete area without a vehicle.