Exclusive: Tusshar Kapoor confirms the fifth installment of the popular franchise 'Golmaal'

If there is a franchise in Bollywood that has conquered the love and adoration of the cinegoers over the years, is the Golmaal series starring Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sharman Joshi, Arshad Warsi , Tusshar Kapoor , Kunal Kemmu and Shreyas Talpade. The film series which started with 'Golmaal: Fun Unlimited' in 2006 saw three more instalments which turned out to be blockbusters. The original Golmaal recently completed 13 years and we got in touch with the Golmaal actor Tusshar Kapoor, who opened up about his favorite instalment and even confirmed that there is a new sequel in the making.

Speaking about the great success of 'Golmaal: Fun Unlimited', Tusshar said: It's a great feeling and recently I saw on Twitter that people are reacting to that, talking about what feels good. It took me to that point when we were making the film, we did not know it would be appreciated in this way. It was not an experiment and we did not even know it would become a franchise, since we were making a movie. The whole team of Rohit, Ajay and everyone had met for the first time and it was on the stage that the chemistry began to grow. Everything was unforeseen and we were only working hard on the sets and, finally, it became so big.

Also, when talking about his character Lucky, he said: Back then we did not think that a dumb character like Lucky would become so popular, as there were many other comedy movies like 'Garam Masala', 'Hungama' or 'Hera Pheri'. I had a lot of dialogues, punches and jokes, so how would the audience notice the comedy here? I still remember those months when I attended the workshops for this character and made rehearsals to enter the character's skin. I was pretty insecure. later, but my tutor, who was in the theater, had the idea to devise sounds so that we do not remain with sign language. I would even like to thank Rohit and the team for not making the character a 'bichara' For whom people would simply feel sorry. They wanted me to look like a brat, naughty, lively and quite a joker, so that's what I had to do during the workshops. But we still did not know how people would react to this character and they will accept this character but thank God the audience also connected with this character.

When asked if his son Laksshya had seen any of the films of 'Golmaal', the versatile actor replied: No, he is still too small to watch movies. But he likes to watch cartoons and animated shows on the Internet. I do not have 'not even shown him any film, since I think he's too small to understand it yet.

With the 'Golmaal' franchise becoming a great success among the audience, we even asked Tusshar which of them was his favorite. What I most enjoyed was shooting for the second installment because everything was very relaxed and we were sure of what we were doing. We had already succeeded once, which gave us more confidence. We were all enjoying ourselves while filming this movie because we knew that people would do it. Watch this movie since the first movie had already done so well. The second one also became easier since I was now working with friends and had a lot more fun. But in regards to my role, the first part was the most important. I challenge one because there were many risks involved. I had to give everything. He had to excel in so many comedic actors, that's why he was much more challenging, he said.

We even asked Tusshar the question everyone wants to know about the fifth installment of the popular series of films. When confirming the fifth installment of the series 'Golmaal', he said: I still do not know him, since Rohit would be the best person to answer this. I'm sure it will be done, but I'm not sure in what year.