Three dead in an alleged human sacrifice in the Anantapur district of AP

TIRUPATI: Three people, including a priest from a local temple, were killed in a supposed incident in the most backward district in the early hours of Monday.

A local priest (70), his sister (75) and a devotee (70) who came from Bengaluru to fulfill their promise to spend a night at Lord Shiva's local temple in the Korthikota village of Tanakallu Mandal in the Anantapur district were brutally murdered with their throats cut off and their blood was spilled on the Sivalinga and the ant hills adjacent to the temple.

Devotees who arrived at the local temple were surprised to see all three, including the dead priest in the temple premises this morning, and immediately alerted the police as they ran to the scene of the crime.

Anantapur SP, who also arrived at the scene of the crime, told reporters later that the execution of the three murders by unidentified criminals who could be treasure hunters would soon be affected.

The incident has sparked shockwaves in the most backward district in the state that has just tried to advance on the path of progress by establishing a series of industrial units, including Kia engines in recent years.

According to Anantapur SP Satya Yesubabu, unidentified strangers possibly 4-5 people could be treasure hunters.