Calcutta: the girl jumps on the abuser's bicycle and they arrest him

KOLKATA: A 21-year-old College Student Confronted His Abuser, Jumped Into The Back Seat Of His Motorcycle, Covered The Defendant's Eyes With His Hand And Continued To Hit Him While Asking For Help Late Monday Night. The Locals Hurried To The Place And Caught The Defendant, Subodh Sharma (28), And Delivered Him A.

The Incident Took Place In The East Side Of The Survey Park Lake Around 10.45 Pm, When The Girl Returned Home From Her Registration Class.

The Girl Is A Third Year Honors Student In English At A Private University In South Calcutta, An Avid Mountaineer And Gym Enthusiast. Sharma, The Police Said, Was A Repeat Offender.

Policemen Said He Came On A Bicycle And Made Obscene Gestures When He Crossed The Girl. Despite The Fact That She Did Not Respond, The Defendant Suddenly Took Uturn, Rode Towards Her And Shouted" Ei Meye" . He Also Touched Her Inappropriately.

" The Girl Immediately Took The Right Hand Of The Accused, Threw Herself On The Bicycle And Managed To Pull A Helmet That Hung From The Back Of The Bicycle. Taken By Surprise, Sharma Stepped On The Brakes. As Soon As He Did It, The Girl Jump To The Bicycle," Said A Research Officer.

In Her Despair, The Defendant Bit The Fingers Of Both Hands." When The Blood Started To Come Out, The Girl Howled In Pain. She, However, Did Not Let Go And Screamed For Help. For Then, Around Five Neighbors Hurried Out And Grabbed The Accused By The Neck. The Defendant Then Removed His Helmet And Called The Victim His Sister, Praying That He Would Be Saved," Said The Officer.

" What Makes Effort Praiseworthy Is The Fact That When The Girl Grew The Alarm, The Neighbors Immediately Responded. However, The Defendant Was Slapped Several Times Before We Were Handed Over," Said An Investigative Officer." Moved By The Courage Of The Girl, We Have Delivered You A Sample Of Gratitude. We Will Accompany It In All Its Future Efforts," Said A Police Officer From The Southern Suburban Division.

The Policemen Said They Were Interrogating The Defendants Now That He Directed A Family Store.

" We Have Been Receiving Complaints From Men On Bicycles That Mocked Women At Night In The Survey Park Area. Now We Are Strengthening Our Bicycle Patrol To Try To Counter This Threat," Said A High-ranking Police Officer.