Disciples of Girija Devi gave him a worthy tribute

To Commemorate The 90th Anniversary Of The Birth Of A Great Vocalist. Girija Devi , A Music Concert Was Conducted Recently In Assi Ghat . Summoned By His Daughter Dr Sudha Dutta , The Musical Concert Counted With The Presence Of Shishyas Of The Changed Singer, Who Came From Different Cities To Pay Homage, Through Singing, To His Guru. Mousami Sen (BCCL/ Arvind Kumar) Mousami Sen (BCCL/Arvind Kumar)

With The Ganga River As A Backdrop, It Provided The Perfect Environment For A Moving Evening. The Disciples, Through The Interpretation Of Khayal, Tappa, Thumari, Kajari, Hori, Chaiti And Even Sohar, Gived To The Audience.

Pritha Rai Vardhan (BCCL/ Arvind Kumar) Pritha Rai Vardhan (BCCL/Arvind Kumar)

Shivangini, Who Came From Delhi, Played Jugal Var Jhulat From Gal Bahe While Mousami Sen From Guwahati Sang Piya Milab Hum Jayeb Ho Rama.

Sunanda Sharma From Delhi, Who Learned Both Gaana And Khana From Girija Devi, Sang Re Rasiya Tore Karan Brij Mein Bhai.

Shalini Dev (BCCL/ Arvind Kumar) Shalini Dev (BCCL/Arvind Kumar)

The Last Performance In Solitaire Was Malini Awasthi Who Came From Others Thade Raho Baanekein Shyam. Later, All The Shishyas Jointly Performed Much To The Delight Of The Audience.

Shivangini (BCCL/ Arvind Kumar) Shivangini (BCCL/Arvind Kumar)

Swarnim Gosai (BCCL/ Arvind Kumar) Swarnim Gosai (BCCL/Arvind Kumar)

(L) Dr Awadesh Bhatt (R) Pooja Madhok and Sheetal (BCCL/ Arvind Kumar) (L) Dr Awadesh Bhatt (R) Pooja Madhok And Sheetal (BCCL/Arvind Kumar)

(L) Shilu Mishra (R) Saurav Mishra and Gaurav Mishra (BCCL/ Arvind Kumar) (L) Shilu Mishra (R) Saurav Mishra And Gaurav Mishra (BCCL/Arvind Kumar)

(L) Ankita Khattry (R) Suchita and Rohit (BCCL/ Arvind Kumar) (L) Ankita Khattry (R) Suchita And Rohit (BCCL/Arvind Kumar)