Here ’ It's what you probably didn't notice in Avengers: Endgame

The Infinity Saga Directors, De Russo Brothers , Has Recorded Various References From Other Films And Comics In 'Avengers: Endgame', And These Could Lead Us To The Future Of Marvel Cinematic Universe . Here Are Some Smart Hints That You Probably Missed.

When The Film Finished, The Audience Did Not Leave Their Places. They Were Disappointed With Scenes Without Postal Credits. But What They May Have Missed Was The Metal Tinkle That Can Be Heard Towards The End, Which Apparently Was A Tribute To A When Tony Built The MK-1 Iron Man Armor. Some Believe It Is A Hint That Stark Or, In Any Case, The Iron Man Character Will Come Back And Perhaps Be Resurrected Or Cloned.

Earlier, The Russo Brothers Were Known For TV Shows Like" Arrested Development" And" Community" . And Many Of The TV Cast Members Have Made Their Way To The MCU. In The Latest Movie, Comedian Ken Jeong Was A Playing A Security Guard Where Scott Lang's Is In Storage While Yvette Nicole Brown Was Working As A Low-level Staffer In The 70s. And There Are Several Amusing Moments In The Movie With Crazy Connections. Like In The Final Scene, Steve Rogers And Peggy Carter Are Getting Their Dance Together, Finally. And They Talked About This In" Captain America: The First Avenger." Even The Song," It’s Been A Long, Long Time" By Harry James And Helen Forrest, Is Oh-so Aptly Chosen. Again, This Is The Song Nick Fury Plays When He Breaks Into Steve's Apartment In" Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

Also, Did You Notice The Site Where The New Asgard Is Located In Norway? It's A Departure From Its Location In Rural Oklahoma In The Comics. Apparently, This Is The Same Spot Where Odin Prays To His Children In" Thor: Ragnarok" Now, Don't You Feel Like Reviewing The Scenes Again? Watch Out For More Nuggets Like These And Share Them In The Comments Section.