Rest awaits when Hamas reports the cease-fire with Israel

JERUSALEM: The Israeli Army On Monday Took Protective Restrictive Measures Against Inhabitants Of The South, While Gaza ' The Ruling Hamas Militant Group Reported That A Cease-fire Deal Had Been Reached To End The Deadliest Battles Between Both Sides Since A War In 2014.

The Escalation Had Killed 25 In Gaza Strip, Both Militants And Civilians, While On The Israeli Side Four Civilians Were Killed By Incoming Fire.

The Islamic Jihad Militant Group, Which Accused Israel Of Inciting To The Last Violence, Confirmed That A" Mutual And Simultaneous" Ceasefire Was Mediated By Egypt. With Officials From Qatar And The UN, The Deal Helped Reach. He Said That Hamas Still" Different Pressuring Tools ' ' To Get Israel So Much That It Relieves A Paralyzing Blockade Of Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Emphasizes That The Campaign Is Not Over Yet, And Requires Patience And Judgment. ' '

The Intense Fighting During The Last Two Days Was Stopped At The Beginning Of Monday And Residents On Both Sides Returned To Their Daily Routine. Schools And Roads Were Closed And The Israelis Were Urged To Stay Indoors And Close To Shelters When The Fire Was Rushed By An Intense Rocket Fire.

Israel And Hamas Are Bitter Enemies And Have Fought Three Wars And Countless Minor Battles Since The Islamic Militant Gaza Group In 2007 Of The Palestinian Armed Forces With The Western Back.

During The Last Battles, Which Broke Out During The Weekend, Palestinian Militants Fired Hundreds Of Rockets In Israel, While The Israeli Army Responded With Air Strikes To Around 350 Militant Targets In Gaza, Including Weapons Storage, Attack Tunnels, And Rocket Launch And Production Installations.

It Also Put Tanks And Infantry Forces To The Border With Gaza And Put Another Brigade On Standby. A Hamas Commander, Allegedly Involved In Transferring Iranian Money To The Group, Was Killed In An Air Raid, In A Clear Return To Israel's Policy To Target Militant Leaders.

Palestinian Medical Officers Reported 25 Dead, Including At Least 10 Militants And Three Women, Two Of Which Are Pregnant, And Two Babies. The Four Murdered Israeli Citizens Were The First Israeli Deadly Victims Of Rocket Attacks Since The 50-Day War In 2014. One Was Killed When His Vehicle Was Hit By A Cornet Anti-tank Missile Near The Gaza Border.

The Ministry Of Public Works In Gaza Said 130 Residential Units Were Destroyed In Israeli Air Strikes, Including A Five-story Building In The Northern Gaza Strip, Where Six People, Including A 12-year-old Boy And A Baby, Were Killed.

Egyptian Mediators Had Collaborated With The UN To Mediate A Ceasefire. Among Previous Deals With Egyptian Brokers, Israel Has Pledged To Lighten The Joint Blockade Of Gaza With Egypt In Exchange For A Ceasefire.

The Last Fighting Broke Out After Palestinian Militants Accused Israel Of Failing To Honor A Previous March Cease-fire Deal And Opening Fire To Soldiers On The Israeli Border With Gaza

The Terms Of The Last Deal Were Not Known, But Recent Ceasefire Were Short-Term.

In Tired Communities In Southern Israel, There Was Criticism That The Last Round Of Fighting Had Ended Without Tangible Results And No Hope That It Would Not Return Soon.

`` If We Have The Upper Hand, We Must End The Terror Once And For All Because It Will Repeat Itself And Not Stop, ' ' Said Jacque Mendel, A Native Of The Coastal Town Of Ashdod, Where A Man Was Killed By A Rocket In His Car On Sunday Evening.

Israel Seems To Have Little Sense In Another Long-term Conflict. Later This Week, The Country Marks Memorial Day, One Of The Most Solemn Days Of The Year, Followed By The Festive Independence Day. Next Week Israel Is Organizing The Popular Eurovision Song Contest For The Eurovision Song Contest, And The Fighting May Scare Visitors Off.

Netanyahu, Who Has Recently Secured The Re-election Thanks In Part To The Votes Of Rocket-damaged Residents Along The Border Of The Gaza Strip, Has Traditionally Been Careful With His Dealings With Gaza, Fearing An Open War Without A Clear Endgame. But He Is Under Pressure From The Same Electorate And His Potential Coalition Partners Seem To Favor A More Harsh Approach To Gaza.

Even Within His Own Likud Party, Netanyahu Received Unusual Criticism For Not Continuing To Destroy Gaza Militants.

Likud Lawyer Gideon Saar Wrote On Twitter That The Reported Ceasefire Was Not A Performance For Israel. `` The Time Slots Between These Violent Attacks On Israel And Its Citizens Are Getting Shorter And The Terror Groups In Gaza Are Getting Stronger Between Them, ' ' He Wrote.

Benny Gantz, Israel ' S Emerging Opposition Leader, Also Criticized Netanyahu, Saying That Ending The Current Round Came Down On `` Another Surrender To The Extortion Of Hamas And Terror Organizations. ' '

In Gaza, A Year Of Hamas-led Protests Along The Israeli Border Against The Blockade That Has Devastated The Economy Has Yielded No Tangible Benefits. In March, Hamas Was Confronted With Street Protests About The Miserable Circumstances For A Few Days.

Nevertheless, Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh Said At The End Of Sunday That The Militant Group" Was Not Interested In A New War," And The Start On Monday Of The Islamic Holy Month Of Ramadan Probably Decreased Motivation For The Fight.

Signs Of Normal Life Slowly Returned To Gaza, With Banks That Opened After Three Days. Schools Open Again Tuesday.