When sound mutes everything

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Have You Ever Wondered What Is Going On In The Life Of A Sound Artist Who Works In A Studio For 14 Hours And Records The Least Sound To Make A Movie Or TV Program More Attractive For You? Swamy's Sound Studio , Written And Directed By JG School Of Performing Arts Alumnus Harshil Bhatt Sheds A Light On The Life Of An Artist Who Finds It Hard To Focus On Worldly Vocal Sounds After He Comes Out Of His Studio

" It Is The Story Of A Talented Foley Artist Whose Life Is So Influenced By The Work He Does That It Becomes Difficult For Him To Live A Normal Life," Pratik Rathod Who Plays The Main Character In The Game Together With Netri Trivedi Ahmedabad Times Told.

Harshil, Who Has Been Working In Theater Since His School Days And Took Training From Director Nimesh Desai, Says, “Working With Sounds Throughout The Day, He Finds It Hard To Hear What His Wife Is Saying. While Talking To A Person, His Mind Takes Him To The Background Sounds Which Acts As A Stressor For Him. The Play Revolves Around His Life And How He Comes To Terms With It. ”

Harshil Who Has Directed A Play Earlier Patli Pin Ka Charger Has Been Working On Swamy's Sound Studio For Past Four Years And Equally Spent A Lot Or His Time In Research At Such Sound Studios In Mumbai

58917005_10157192871418895_3733687466381541376_n The Play That Also Gaurang Anand Stars Would Be Organized As Part Of The Ongoing Abhivyakti Festival At Bhavan’s College On May 8 And Dinesh Hall On May 9 At 9 Pm.