Seat of Jamshedpur: Abha, the youngest winners of Nitish Bharadwaj, the oldest of Gopeshwar

JAMSHEDPUR: In The Elections Of Lok Sabha Between 1957 And 2014, BJP ' S Nitish Bharadwaj And Abha Mahato Of The Same Party Were The Youngest Candidates Of The Jamshedpur Electoral District Who Voted In The Chamber. Both Nitish And Abha Were 34 Years Old When They Were Elected Deputies, While The Legislator Of The Highest Hierarchy Was Congress ' S. He Was Chosen At The Age Of 63 Years.

In 1996, BJP Played One Bet: Nitish Bharadwaj (Tele Artist, Who Achieved Krishna's Fame & Role In Mega TV Mahabharata) - Faced Veteran Politician Inder Singh Namdhari.

Namdhari, A Face Known In The Politics Of Bihar, Was A Member Of The Legislative Assembly Of Bihar On Six Occasions. He Held The Position Of Minister Of The Cabinet As Well. Later, He Became The First Speaker Of The Jharkhand Assembly.

Nitish A New Face In The Political Circles Received A Warm Welcome From The Urban And Rural Voters Of The Jamshedpur Electoral District. He Was 34 Years Old When He Won The Prestigious Electoral Battle.

The Safforn Party Presented Abha Mahato, Wife Of Sailendra Mahato, In 1998 LS Surveys. She Was Also 34 Years Old At That Time. When The Government Of Vajpayee Fell And New Surveys Were Performed In 1999, Abha Mahato Was Again Chosen For The Lok Sabha.

In 1998, Abha Mounted The Vajapyee Wave And Defeated The Popular Candidate Russy Mody, Who Retired As President Of Tata Steel. Russy Mody Had Competed As An Independent Candidate. Mody Was A Popular Face Among Employees Of Tata Steel In Urban Areas And The Tribal Population In The Rural Areas Of The Jamshedpur Circumscription.

Sailendra Mahto, Who Had Won The Seat Of Jamshedpur Under The JMM Flag, Resigned The Party And Joined BJP And Sent His Wife Abha. As Her Husband, Abha Also Won The Seat Twice Under The BJP Flag. She Lost The Seat Before The Sunil Mahato Of JMM In The Surveys Of 2004.

Meanwhile, Gopeshwar, Who Served As General Secretary Of The Telco Workers' Union And A Veteran Congressman, Was Elected To The Post Of Lok Sabha Of Jamshedpur At The Age Of 63.

After The Assassination Of Indira Gandhi, During The LS Surveys Of 1984, The Congress Was Returned To Power Under Rajiv Gandhi. Along The Wave Of The Congress After The Death Of Indira, The Trade Union Leader Gopeshwar Defeated The CPI Candidate, Tika Ram Manjhi. The Leader Of The Left, Manjhi, A Face Known In The Political Circles, Was Dragged By The Wave Of Sympathy By The Grand Old Party.

Incidentally, After Gopeshwar, Up To Date Congress Has Not Won The Jamshedpur Seat, Once Considered Its Bastion.

Notably, Most Of The Other Jamshedpur Seat Winners Were In Age Groups Between 50 And 60 Years.