Renunciation of the rebels MLA of Karnataka: you can not work at the speed of light, says the speaker

BENGALURU/MUMBAI: However, despite an order, the speaker of the Karnataka assembly, KR Ramesh Kumar, ruled out on Thursday any immediate decision on the resignation of the rebel MLAs in the JD (S) -Congress coalition, beaten by the crisis, saying that you can not expect it to work at speed of light.

As the suspense accumulated in the speaker's course of action, after 10 MLA dissenters appeared before him following the court's order and presenting their resignations again for acceptance, Kumar said the letters were in the correct format, but will have to examine if they are voluntary and genuine.

The 10th MLA secretariat, which traveled on two special flights to Bengaluru from Mumbai, took a luxurious bus from the HAL airport in the heart of the city to the state secretariat, in the midst of strict security measures. The sources said that the rebellious MLA will return to Mumbai, where they stayed in a luxury hotel during the last days since the crisis erupted last Saturday.

In total, 16 MLA, 13 from Congress and three from JD (S), have stopped bringing the coalition government to the verge of collapse. Two independent MLAs have also withdrawn support for the 13-month coalition government.

After the Congress, the JD (S) also approached the speaker to disqualify three of his legislators.

The apex court earlier in the day asked the speaker to immediately decide on the resignation of 10 rebels MLA, which would allow them to meet with him at 6 pm.

A bank headed by Supreme Court President Ranjan Gogoi said the decision taken by the speaker should be intimidated on Friday, when the court takes the statement of the rebel MLA.

The bank, made up of judges Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose, also ordered the Karnataka DGP to provide protection for the 10 MLA from the Bengaluru airport to the assembly after its arrival from Mumbai.

In the approved order, the bank said: Taking into account the facts of the case, we allow the petitioners (MLA rebels), ten in number, to appear before the speaker of the Karnataka legislative assembly at 6 pm today.

We request the speaker to grant a hearing to the ten petitioners at that time. The petitioners, if they wish and wish to do so, should intimate the speaker of the assembly about their decision to resign, in which case, the speaker will make the decision. An immediate decision and, in any case, in the course of the remaining part of the day.

He also said that the speaker's decision to be taken in terms of this order will be presented to the Court tomorrow (Friday, July 12).

Hours after the order was approved, the speaker, through his lawyer, hurried to the apex court to modify the address that asked him to decide the matter of the resignation during the day.

However, the bank, which met after the lunch break, told the speaker's lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi that the order had already been approved in the morning and that his request would be resumed on Friday along with the request of the MLAs. rebels

By stating that he will abide by the rules, the speaker said that he will make a fair decision that may be of convenience to some and inconvenient to some.

The Supreme Court has not asked me to decide in any particular way, he added.

The MLA had arrived, they said they wanted to resign, I told them that they could give ... they asked me to accept it.

It can not be that way, I'll have to see if it's genuine or voluntary and convinced, Kumar told reporters after meeting disgruntled lawmakers.

Kumar said that today's proceedings have been recorded on video, and will be sent to the Secretary General of the Supreme Court.

The court asked me to make a decision, I wrote to them (SC) about the word immediately, they said I can not understand what to decide, since the Constitution says something else, so I gave them (MLAs) time (to appear in front of my).

Should I have worked at lightning speed? By whom? What's up with the rules, people? I only live by the Constitution ... I'm not acting in a hurry. My obligation is to the people of this state and the Constitution, he said.

The process is not about who should be saved and who should be persecuted. That is not my job as a speaker

According to the Rules of the Legislature of Karnataka, the planned resignation must be in a perfect format, he said.

Unfortunately, eight of the 13 letters that came to my office (last week) were not in the format, the speaker said. Congress suspended MLA Roshan Bagi had also resigned earlier this week.

The MLAs have submitted the resignation in the correct format now ... I will have to examine whether the resignations are voluntary and genuine, he added. I'll have to think all night.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister H D Kumaraswamy rejected the BJP's demands for his resignation. The state cabinet met with him and resolved to face the situation with courage and to resist it in a united way.

Why should I give up? What is the need for me to resign now? Kumaraswamy shot reporters, amid speculation that he could put in his papers in the wake of the crisis.