Now, many of my directors want me to physically transform myself for the character: Tamannaah

She has had four releases so far: Kanne Kalaimaane and Devi 2 in Tamil, F2: Fun And Frustration in Telugu and Khamoshi in Hindi. While a couple of these films did not do well at the box office, their performance at four was very much appreciated.

Now, she's part of a handful of movies, and a couple of these - Rohin Venkatesan's horror comedy in Tamil and That is Mahalakshmi in Telugu - have it as the main one. Interestingly, both are remakes; the first is a new version of the success of Telugu Anando Brahma, while the second is the Telugu version of the acclaimed Bollywood film Queen, which is also being made in the other three languages ​​of South India with different actresses. Even Khamoshi has a Tamil version, starring Nayanthara .

Exam Tamannaah about what made her choose projects in which she was the protagonist of a single version, and she says: It is not something that one tries to do consciously. It so happened that these subjects are universal and that the producers were interested in making them as films in several languages ​​and launching them almost at the same time. This is a coincidence that has happened in my career.

But she is happy that Nayanthara has done the Tamil version of Khamoshi. I got to work with Nayan in Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy as well. We shared scenes and it was very nice to work with her. I especially enjoyed the experience, she says. She is quite a compliment to her co-star and even calls herself a fan. I've always been a fan of her and I love her job. I think she's one of the actresses that has really been maintained over a period of so many years, he praises.

She says she is not worried about the comparisons that are bound to emerge as part of such projects. Honestly, I'm not worried about comparisons. I think we are all successful actresses and we have established ourselves, so that gives us the security to carry out such projects. We are all trying to create a good movie for the market we are targeting and when the content is good, that makes it possible, he explains.

Now, he will join Nawazuddin Sidiqqui for the Hindi film, Bole Chudiyan. She's a multi-layered character in a Bollywood movie, and I'm really excited to play that role, she says. On the Kollywood front, in addition to Rohin's movie, they also kick his movie with Vishal, which is directed by Sundar C, especially because she can kick his butt, literally! It's a very urban action movie. It's a genre that I have not touched at all. I did action scenes in Baahubali, but after that I did not do any tricks. Performing the acrobatics in this movie gave me a good feeling, she says.

Having been part of the film industry for 14 years, Tamannaah admits there is a change in the nature of roles that come to her these days. I have mainly been a part of the south Indian feature films and had the opportunity to be part of films that have been huge in terms of scale, like the Baahubali movies and now, Sye Raa .... In the past 10 years, the way films are viewed has changed, so I can do a lot of things that could not be done a few years ago. I can attempt scripts that I could not have done when I started out. Now, a lot of my directors want me to physically transform for the character. For example, for Devi and Devi 2, I had to play to Tamil housewife, and I was told to transform into that character physically as well. In Sye Raa, the look of my character is so different from what I've played so far. So, I am excited about this phase of my career because the faith that my directors are showing in my abilities has given me the confidence that I can play any character. This is something I did not expect doing when I started out. Because I am able to physically transform myself, I am getting opportunities to play diverse characters. It does not have to be a certain type of character anymore, she says.

The actress also believes that even audiences have changed due to the way the content is consumed lately. Now we have digital content and the ways to publish a story have been expanded. And audiences have opened up to see different types of content. Let me give an example of my own family. My aunt who lives in Mumbai told me about Maharishi and told me it's a good movie. She does not understand Telugu, but she does not mind watching a subtitled film. This shows that people want to see good movies and the language does not matter, she says and says goodbye.