P Susheela returns to sing her own song.

P Susheela She is also known for the devotional songs she recorded, in addition to the scores of songs from movies she has sung. One of those numbers, which is synonymous with your voice, is Raksha Raksha Jaganmatha . Now, the veteran playback singer has recorded a version of the song for Rathna Kumar in a new era. Aadai , which stars Amala Paul in the lead.

Pradeep, whose band Oorka You have composed music for the film, tells us, When the director and I were discussing the album, we wanted to include a bhakti song like Aigiri Nandini to showcase the rage of the character. After a lot of deliberation, we chose Raksha Raksha Jaganmatha, and decided to give it to metallic twist. We then approached Susheela amma to sing it for us, and she was extremely happy. When she entered the recording studio, she asked us in jest, 'Enna test vaikkareengala?' Only then did we realize that she had sung this song when she was barely 14-15 years old. So, you've heard the new metallic version ? Not yet, and I hope she does not chase after listening to it, he quips.