Chitrakatha will invoke intrigue on the supernatural

the psychological thriller , Chitrakatha , debutante protagonist Sujeeth Rathod at the helm, launches throughout the state today. Produced by Jaji Productions, this film has been directed by a young team, led by producer Prajwal M Raja, 22, and the director, Yashasvi Balaaditya (28). the team, says Yashasvi, went into the most minute details to make the film. “Thanvik G, our cinematographer, and I, spent two months to get the best colour tone, so that audiences get an enhanced visual experience. We also have a good story, which has been told with the right technical backing,” he says, adding that there are many nouveau elements in the film. “We have music trap in the movie - a genre that has not been explored much in Sandalwood. The composition of music director Chethan Kumar works perfectly for the narrative, adds Yashasvi.

the film, says the director, will intrigue audiences. “People will get involved in the narrative and try to solve the thriller as the plot unfolds. There are numerous surprises in store. We have attempted to explain the supernatural , which should attract both believers and skeptics, sums up.