CBI round-up offices, residence of Anand Grover, Jaising, NGO

NEW DELHI: One month after the CBI registered an FIR against a leading lawyer and its NGO ONG Collective, based in Mumbai, accused of violating the rules when receiving and spending foreign funds, the agency conducted raids in five locations in Delhi and Mumbai in relation to the investigation. .

The residences and offices of Grover and Lawyers Collective were registered, during which, according to the sources, certain incriminating documents were seized.

In addition to Grover, the CBI has hired the president of the Collective of Lawyers, unidentified officials of the organization, some individuals and some public officials in the FIR filed a complaint from the Ministry of the Interior. The MHA alleged that funds from foreign sources were used to lobby with parliamentarians and that they were considered political activities not allowed by the rules.

In a statement, Lawyers Collective and its trustees, including founding members Anand Grover and Indira Jaising, expressed their shock and outrage. Mr. Grover and I are being targeted for the work we have done over the years, Jaising said, quoted by PTI.

The MHA claimed that the funds received through foreign contributions were spent in the defense of the media with 67 MPs in March-April 2010 and with 99 MPs in August 2010 for the drafting of the bill on HIV/AIDS of Lawyers Collective. He held paid dharnas in the HIV/AIDS bill outside of the ministry of law, which was a violation of the FCRA, according to the ministry. He also stated that the NGO had organized a rally of free trade agreements.

It was alleged in the complaint that between 2006 and 2014, the defendants initiated a conspiracy in Mumbai, Delhi and other places with the intention of deceiving the government of India on the issue of misusing and diverting the foreign contribution received in the NGO, said an IWC officer.

In compliance with this conspiracy, the foreign contribution to the sum of Rs 32.39 crore was received in the NGO's account and the accused persons misused a considerable amount of the foreign contribution and, therefore, violated the provisions of the Fera, 2010, said the official. additional.

The CBI invoked sections of the Law on Regulation of Foreign Contributions, apart from the IPC sections related to the trap of a criminal conspiracy, the abuse of trust and deception.

The MHA complaint also alleged that Jaising, who served as additional general counsel under the UPA from 2009 to 2014, had received a compensation of Rs 96.6 lakh of foreign contributions received by the Lawyers Collective. He also alleged that his trips abroad as ASG were financed by Collective Lawyers and paid with foreign funds, without the prior approval of the ministry.

The MHA has alleged that the lawyer violated the FCRA rules by not requesting government authorizations to receive foreign contributions in the form of compensation from the organization and to accept foreign hospitality during his visit to a foreign country. The ministry claimed that the use of foreign funds for advocacy, incurring lobbying of parliamentarians and, therefore, influencing the political process and parliamentary institutions, clearly violated the letter and spirit of the law.