Will Malar tell the truth?

The next episodes of the tele-series. Malar will have sequences that will feature the most awaited wedding of Malar ( Nayana Shetty ) & Kadhir ( Arun Padmanabhan ). While the wedding itself will be a delight to watch, Malar will also be seen with a handcuff leaving the audiences on an edge. But the happy bit here is that Thirumanam The couple (Santhosh and Janani) will honor the event.

We speak to Jai, director of Malar, who gives us all the details. It is a special marriage episode that will be telecast for five days. We erected a set in EVP Film City. Almost 500 junior artists were roped in for this. We all know Malar 's situation ... she murdered someone as defensive measure, but is unable to tell the truth to Kadhir. Whenever she tries to tell the truth, Malar 's sister tries to change her mind. Will she tell the truth? He asks. On getting the Thirumanam couple, I said, This was the first time I met them and they were so lovely to work with. Since we are a young team, Shreya and Siddu, too, enjoyed shooting with us.