Ghaziabad: thief involved in several robberies arrested

GHAZIABAD: A thief was arrested in the Ghaziabad area on Wednesday for his alleged involvement in several robberies in high-rise apartments and factories. Police said that, until now, the defendant, Neeraj Singh, has confessed to having committed five of these robberies recently. Two of them were reported in Panchsheel Primrose.

Singh is a resident of the industrial area in Kavi Nagar. He was captured near Diamond's overpass around 6 pm Wednesday, when he was on the way to commit another robbery. Rs 33,000 in cash, a knife, some stolen silver cutlery and gold jewelry were recovered from his home, police said.

During the interrogation, Singh told police he had committed robberies on two floors in Tower 10 of Panchsheel Primrose on June 21. He had used a screwdriver to open the windows and enter the two apartments. While stealing Rs 15,000 in cash and some one-story gold jewelry, he managed to flee with Rs 12,000 in cash, jewelry and five new saris from another floor.

While the first case came to light the same day, the second case was found on July 6 when the owners returned home after a long day of vacation.

On June 30, he targeted a factory located in the industrial area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKavi Nagar and moved with two laptops and Rs 1.35 lakh in cash and the same month, stole Rs 50,000 in cash, 12 silver coins and some silverware of a factory in Loha Mandi area.

On July 8, Singh returned to target a cardboard factory in the industrial area and fled with Rs 5,000 in cash and an Internet device.

In all robberies, he was assisted by his accomplice, Kuldeep, who is still on the run.

The SHO of the Kavi Nagar police station, Raj Kumar Sharma, said: The defendant sold stolen electronics and jewelry to people on roads at low prices.