The Kapil Sharma show: the singer Armaan remembers the moment when his father wanted to sell the house for his education

The next episode of the popular comedy show. The show by Kapil Sharma promises to be a wonderful watch in the presence of the legendary music composer Daboo Malik who will be accompanied by his sons Armaan and Amaal Malik. The musical trio of parents and children raised the atmosphere of the show by turning it into a musical evening.

During the show, Armaan, who returned to his college days, revealed how his father was almost going to sell the house for a particular reason.

While talking with the singer Kapil. Armaan Malik he shared a distinctive memory of his father with host Kapil Sharma and the audience. The singer said: I wanted to be admitted to a renowned international music school and when I asked my father to pay the fees, he said: I could not pay the fees if I did not get a scholarship, but if necessary. I'm going to sell my house to pay the fees. And it warmed my heart.

The singer felt very passionate sharing the memory. The singer added: I got the scholarship and went to college, but my father, ready to sell the house for my education, is one of the best experiences of my life.

Kapil and the audience were moved after the singer shared the story that was so sincere. In addition, in the program, the trio was captured sharing other experiences of their careers.

Daboo Malik shared how his career started with the song, 'Maine Dil Tujhiko Diya Hai' for Sohail Khan but it was Amaal Malik who left Kapil in splits of laughter when he revealed his unique way of composing songs in the bathroom.