Written update of Sembaruthi, July 10, 2019: Purushothaman returns home on his birthday

In the last episode of Sembaruthi , While Purushothaman is under treatment in the hospital, Adithya is on a call with someone. Meanwhile, Nandhini 's gang members enter Purushothaman' s ward and make him unconscious. They take him in a wheelchair. Akhilandeswari who is resting at home feels that something bad is happening and suddenly awakens from sleep.

After the phone conversation, Adithya notices that his dad Purushothaman is missing from the ward. Meanwhile, Akhilandeswari calls up Adithya to know whether Purushothaman is fine. Adithya lies that Purushothaman is fine. Adithya immediately instructs Shyam to pick up Arun (without the family members knowledge) and to rush to the hospital. Adithya says Purushothaman was wearing the watch which was presented by him. The watch has a tracking device option and that his whereabouts could be found precisely.n Purushothaman asks Nandhini, the reasons for kidnapping him. Nandhini says, she came to know that Purushothaman is trying to get Akhilandeswari 's acceptance for Parvatia - Adithya' s relation on his birthday. But, she does not like Parvatia become Adhithya's wife.n Adithya finds the whereabouts of Purushothaman. Nandhini orders her henchmen to attack Adithya. But, Adithya thrashes everyone and saves Purushothaman.nLater, Adithya updates Purushothaman that, Nandhini wants to stop his marriage with Parvatia for the sake of her sister Mitra. But, I ask Purushothaman to not reveal any truths about Miter to Akhilandeswari at that particular juncture.nDue to her restlessness, Akhilandeswari plans to rush to the hospital. When she visits the hospital, she feels relieved on seeing Purushothaman resting peacefully.nIn spite of Doctor's advice, Purushothaman wants to return home to get Akhilandeswari 's acceptance for Parvatia - Adithya' s relationship. To the surprise of family members, Purushothaman returns home on his birthday.