Mounaragam surpasses Koilamma in the PRT lists; ensures the second position

There are some interesting changes in the recently published TRP report. While the Nirupam Paritala , Premi viswanath starrer Karthika Deepam stayed on again, Mounaragam has climbed to the second position pushing the popular soap daily Koilamma to the third position.

Mounragam is currently amused by a conflict in which Ammulu, the protagonist, has to deal with allegations of the murder of Ankit's mother. While trying to prove his innocence, Lucky also blames her for the murder of his son. This leaves Ammulu shattered. Seenaiah is committed to avenging the loss of his grandson.

The family drama with Priyanka Jain in the lead role of Ammulu, a belle from a town that faces speech problems, has resumed lately. The show has completed 255 episodes so far.

Koilamma starring Tejaswini, Amar, Lahiri, Sameer, and others is also witnessing some high voltage drama with Kokila's (the protagonist) secret is about to be exposed. However, Mounaragam clearly outperformed its competitor.

On the other hand, the newly launched daily soap. Vadinamma He has retained his audience. The family drama that ranked fifth in the table last week secured the fourth position now.

Interestingly, the 4 best programs belong to the same General Entertainment Channel, which is ready to entertain even more with the next season of Bigg Boss Telugu organized by Nagarjuna.