Tujhse Hai Raabta, update written on July 10, 2019: Malhar rescues Mugdha, Anupriya fights against thugs

The episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta begins with Malhar finding Anupriya in the village. She tells him that she went to the police station to ask her to forgive Kalyani and met Chandni there. Chandni told Anupriya that she is pregnant. He did not want to tell Malhar to discover that Mugdha was an important mission for him.

Anupriya says that she will join the mission. Malhar tells him that he behaves like Kalyani and that he has no idea how dangerous the mission is. Anupriya tells him that this is his contribution to recover Moksh. She says she is wearing a bulletproof jacket. Pawar and Anupriya convince Malhar to allow him to continue the mission. Malhar tells him to follow his instructions. When completing the rituals in Ahilya niwas, a wind storm destroys it.

Malhar shoots in the air, but the thugs see him and shoot in his direction.

Malhar and the thugs shoot at each other. One of the thugs approaches and points to Malhar, who is seen by Anupriya.

Kalyani continues with the rituals. The thug shoots Malhar, but a piece of falling metal saves him from the bullet and Malhar kills the thug. Kalyani completes the ritual and prays for Malhar's safety. As she prays, she sees a picture and is surprised. She asks Pallavi who is the man in the photo. Pallavi tells her that they were her husband and Sampada's father. Kalyani immediately takes a photo of the photo and thinks that Sampada is planning something big with her father. Malhar congratulates Anupriya for the success of the mission. Anupriya tells him that Kalyani has observed a fast for his safety and that he is surprised to learn that she has observed a fast for him.

He tells her that once the Mugdha case is resolved and Moksh has returned with them, their problems will disappear. Malhar tells Anupriya to change at the police station and he takes Mugdha to the hospital. Kalyani arrives at the hospital and asks about the man in the photo. A security officer asks Kalyani if ​​she has the entry card and Kalyani pretends to cry and tells the security guard that her husband is cheating on her. She pretends to faint. Malhar arrives there and asks the doctor about who was in the next room. The doctor tells him that there is a woman who suspects that her husband was cheating on her.

Malhar asks Pawar to keep an eye on Mugdha. Kalyani eats and decides to call Malhar. He talks very rudely to her and asks her to disconnect the call. She gets angry