The expectation of a non-discriminatory H-1B visa program to EE is transmitted. US: MEA

NEW DELHI: India has conveyed its expectation to a non-discriminatory and predictable, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday.

Responding to a question in the Lok Sabha about the action taken by the government to safeguard the interests of Indian citizens working in the US. UU., The Minister of State for External Affairs said that India has consulted closely with all interested parties and is committed to the administration and the US Congress. UU to the movement of Indian professionals, including those belonging to the.

In our commitments, we have emphasized that this has been an association of mutual benefit that must be nurtured. We have conveyed our expectation to the Administration of the United States of a non-discriminatory and predictable regime, he said.

He said qualified Indian professionals have contributed to the growth and development of the United States economy and have helped the country preserve its competitive advantage and its innovation advantage.

They are a great player in the relations between India and the United States and their ties to India have helped American companies. More recently, the problems of the H-1B visa were raised during the visit of the Secretary of State of the United States, Michael R. Pompeo, to India June 26, 2019, he added.

The H-1B visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in specialized occupations that require theoretical or technical experience.

Most Indian IT professionals go to the United States with H-1B work visas. They are the ones who suffer most from the current immigration system, which imposes a seven percent quota per country in the allocation of the coveted Green Cards or permanent legal residence.

Raising the limit per country would benefit mainly professionals from countries like India, for whom waiting for a green card is more than a decade.

Some of the recent studies have said that the waiting period for Indian IT professionals with H-1B visas is more than 70 years.