Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, written update, July 9, 2019: Abir encounters an accident; Mishti saves him

In the last episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke , Kunal look for abir Kuhu comes to know that Mishti is not in her room She hears Rajshri and Varsha's footsteps. She puts a pillow under the bedsheet and fools her mother. Mishti gets worried for Abir and looks for him. Varsha and Rajshri discuss Abir. Varsha tells Rajshri that she feels Abir is telling them the truth. She gets upset and reveals that Kunal 's alliance came for Kuhu. Parul tells Kunal to ask Mishti about Abir. She tells him that his ego is not important as his brother. Kunal calls Kuhu and inquires about Mishti.

Kunal tells Kuhu that Abir is missing and Mishti is searching for him. Kuhu calls Mishti and tells her that she knows that Abir is missing. Mishti cries and tells Kuhu that she is going to a restaurant at the end of the road. She tells Kuhu that she is going to search for Abir at the restaurant. Police stops Mishti from crossing the barrier. She tries to distract the cops and goes to look for Abir.

Abir gains consciousness and tries to pick Kunal's call. The petrol from Abir 's car starts getting leaked and his foot gets stuck in the steering wheel. I try to get up but a piece of the glass goes inside his chest. Mishti finds Abir and gets shocked on seeing him. She tries to open the car door but fails. Mishti breaks the car window and tries to pull Abir out.

She takes him and rushes to the hospital. She tries calling his family but is unable to get through. Abir gains consciousness and comes to know that Mishti brought him to the hospital. He is happy to know that Mishti cares for him. Mishti wakes up and Abir tries to gain her attention. He fakes being unconscious. He tries getting closer to her but she hesitates.

Yashpal gets a call from the hospital and gets to know about Abir 's accident. Meenakshi gets worried after learning about it. Kuhu and Kunal get to know that Mishti saved Abir and took him to the hospital.