Written update of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, July 9, 2019: Kulfi gets excited because Sikander will accept her as his daughter

In the last episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala , Sikander searches for Kulfi and gets to know that she is washing clothes for the launch party. She gets happy and tells him that after waiting for long he will finally declare that Kulfi is his daughter.

Sikander tells Kulfi that he will buy new clothes for her and Amyrah. He kisses Kulfi and says that he wants her to be his daughter in every life. Amyrah sees them together and gets jealous. But she goes towards them and Sikander hugs his both daughters.

Sikander gets to know that Amyrah's voice is down and gives her turmeric milk to drink. Kulfi gets excited about the upcoming event. She even tells Amyrah that she is happy that she accepted her as sister. Amyrah has an evil plan in her mind.

Mahendra and Gunjan get into an argument. He scolds her for her actions but she says that she has done everything for Kulfi. Mahendra tells Gunjan that he trusts Sikander that he will always choose his both daughters. Kulfi talks to her mother and says that she is quite excited that Sikander will accept that Kulfi as his daughter.

In the morning, Sikander makes breakfast for his daughters. Kulfi tells him that she has a surprise for Sikander. She starts reciting the story of finding her father. Lovely gets upset. After hearing Kulfi 's story, Sikander cries. I have told him that he is lucky to have Kulfi and Amyrah in his life.

Lovely remembers how she told Amyrah to listen to her and so she can get Sikander back in their life. Amyrah and Kulfi start performing together and everyone gets delighted to hear them.

Lovely decide to do something during the event. Amyrah sees the chandelier hanging above them. Sikander gets happy seeing his daughters perform together. Mia gets delighted and says that she will get credit for launching Amyrah and Kulfi. Amyrah gets excited about executing her secret plan.