Written update of Krishnakoli, July 9, 2019: Nikhil gives a beautiful sari to Shyama

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , Nikhil he shares that someone in his family must be involved in the conspiracy to humiliate Shyama . Both Disha and Radha pretend to be innocent. Nikhil finds out the audio recording in Shyama's phone that was forwarded to the reporters. He says that the voice heard in the audio clip can not be Shyama 's. Nikhil vows to find out the truth.

Later, Disha meets Radha and praises her plan. She says that they have to do something before Shyama becomes a mother. Rukmini says that the couple (Shyama and Nikhil) is getting closer and they have to stop them at any cost. Disha says she will have to find out what Nikhil and his brothers have planned for Sujata-Basanta's wedding anniversary. They vow to destroy Shyama the soonest.

Meanwhile, Shyama finds a saree with a hand written note from Nikhil. She gets happy seeing his romantic gesture.

Shyama looks at the saree and intends to try it. When Nikhil enters the room, she feels shy and keeps the saree elsewhere. Shyama asks if he bought the saree for the night they are supposed to spend together as a man and wife. Nikhil's romantic answer leaves her mesmerized.

Suddenly, Bijli you eat with a big bucket of flowers to decorate the room. She teases Shyama and Nikhil leaving both of them embarrassed.