Al Qaeda chief threatens India over Kashmir and reveals Pakistan's role in fueling cross-border terrorism

NEW DELHI: head of the al-Qaida terrorist group, Ayman al-Zawahiri He has told Mujahideen in Kashmir to inflict relentless blows on the Army and the Indian government in Jammu and Kashmir in a message posted by the team's media wing, according to the War Diary of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD).

It also brought to light the participation of Pakistan in the promotion of cross-border terrorism in Kashmir in the message entitled Do not Forget Kashmir, published by As Shabab.

Thomas Joscelyn, in his article for the magazine, wrote that al-Qaida has been preparing a group of newcomers to wage jihad against the Indian forces in Kashmir.

(I am) of the opinion that the mujahideen in Kashmir, at least at this stage, should focus exclusively on inflicting relentless blows to the army and the government of India, to bleed the Indian economy and cause India to suffer sustained losses in hand of construction and equipment, said Zawahiri.

While Zawahiri did not explicitly mention the late terrorist Zakir Musa, an image of the late founder of Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind (AGH) appeared on the screen while the head of the terrorist group spoke about Kashmir.

Joscelyn speculated that Zawahiri and the al-Qaida Kashmiri cell, AGH, are coordinating their messages while drawing similarities between the message of the head of the terrorist organization and a speech delivered by Musa's successor, Abdul Hameed Lelhari, recently.

Although both Musa and Lelhari admitted the role of Pakistan in the training of jihadists in Kashmir, they warned that Pakistanis are not reliable. Zawahiri called both the Pakistani army and the government as adepts of America in his message.

He claimed that Pakistan prevented the Arab mujahideen from going to Kashmir after expelling the Russians from Afghanistan, which was countered by the author citing the 9/11 Commission.

Joscelyn stated that the United States had learned of the presence of Pakistan's military intelligence service in one of the al-Qaida camps in Afghanistan, which was hit in retaliation for the attacks of the US embassy in August 1998. The Pakistanis were training kashmiri jihadists in the field, according to the author.

The writer also highlighted the double game played by Pakistan after the horrific 9/11 terror attacks in the United States. While Pakistan carried out counter-terrorism operations against al Qaeda after the 2001 attacks, it also housed Taliban leaders, including members of the Haqqani network allied with al Qaeda.

The entire Pakistani army and government are interested in exploiting the mujahideen for specific political objectives, only to get rid of them or to pursue them later, Zawahiri said, highlighting Pakistan's role while exposing them in a negative light.

Pakistan's conflict with India is essentially a secular rivalry over borders administered by US intelligence, according to the head of the terrorist team.

In his message, Zawahiri also stated that the struggle in Kashmir is not a separate conflict, but is part of the jihad of the world Muslim community against a wide range of forces. He also asked the nameless scholars to spread this point.

You (academics) must state clearly that supporting jihad in Kashmir, the Philippines, Chechnya, Central Asia, Iraq, Syria, the Arabian Peninsula, Somalia, the Islamic Maghreb and Turkistan is an individual obligation of all Muslims, until there is enough strength. The unbelieving occupants of the Muslim lands were expelled, he said.

Zawahiri also told his terrorists not to attack mosques, markets and meeting places of Muslims in Kashmir during his message.

Despite the fact that al-Qaida has attacked several places that have claimed the lives of innocent Muslim civilians, among others, the head of the terrorist team claimed that the absence of sharia guidelines could turn the mujahideen into murderers.

He also affirmed that the Jihad against America in Afghanistan of the terrorist organization is an individual obligation of all Muslims.

Dear scholars! It is your duty to preach to the Ummah that Jihad against the United States in Afghanistan today is an individual obligation (fard ayn), just as jihad against Russia was three decades earlier, Zawahiri said.

Clarify to the people that we are a single ummah, and our jihad is a jihad, he added. The terror chief also told the scholars to explain that the support of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan is an individual obligation for the people of Afghanistan and those close by, and after them for all Muslims, until force is achieved enough to defeat the United States, its allies and its agents, according to the article on the magazine's website.