The crisis in Karnataka strikes Rajya Sabha again, the house was suspended until noon

NEW DELHI: On Wednesday, members of the Opposition Congress again interrupted proceedings during the crisis and accused the BJP of trying to destabilize the coalition government of the party in the state.

Members of Congress stood up as soon as the documents listed and the obituary reference were made, but a stern message from President M Venkaiah Naidu He made them retire.

Shortly thereafter, members of Congress stormed the Chamber well, forcing Naidu to suspend the procedure until noon.

At the start of the proceedings, Naidu said he has not admitted notices from members of Congress, including Kapil Sibal under rule 267, which seeks the suspension of the rules to address his problem.

Let's not put democracy In danger, he said agitated to the congressmen.

As they continued to protest, he said, "You don't want to allow democracy to function here?" This prompted members to take their seat and the House took up Zero Hour where submissions of urgent public matters are taken up.

Just four members made their presentation at Zero Hour when the members of Congress stood up again, apparently reinforced by the presence of their deputy leader.

Sharma, who was not present in the House at the beginning of the proceedings, sought to raise the notice 267 given by his party colleagues, but Naidu said that the decision of the presidency is final.

If any member has a problem, you can come see me (later), he said.

When the members of Congress moved into the well of the Chamber shouting slogans, Naidu said: You are taking desertions, have affection for this House.

The horse exchange gang, karo (Stop MLA horse exchanges), members of Congress shouted from the well while Naidu ordered that nothing they say be recorded.

"Please allow democracy to function," he pleaded. I cannot allow this in House."

What is desertion (and) affection) is for the President (of the State Assembly) to decide, he said before postponing the procedure.

On Tuesday, Rajya Sabha was unable to process any business due to repeated postponements forced by Congress.

The one-year old coalition government of Congress-Janata Dal (S) in Karnataka is on the verge of collapse after a series of resignations by the MLA.

The Karnataka Assembly has 225 members, including a nominated MLA. The mark halfway through the Assembly of 225 members is 113.

Naidu said that the ruling of the presidency is final and this is what was also followed during the previous presidents.

While members of Congress shouted slogans against the BJP, Naidu said that in the past he had erased references to the ruling party, to Congress, to the Left and to others when they were object of objection.

Bhupender Yadav of the BJP said that only the issue related to the government of India can be raised in the Rajya Sabha.

How can you allow the indiscipline in Congress to be raised in the House, he said?

Previously, when the House met for the day, he mourned the death of his former member R Ramakrishnan.

Ramakrishnan, who represented in the Upper House from June 1980 to June 1986, died on July 7 at the age of 73.