Written update of Karthika Deepam, July 9, 2019: Karthik emotionally requests Deepa

In the last episode of Karthik to Deepa m , Kathik visits Deepa's house. Call and ask Deepa go out. Although she initially refuses, she finally finds him. Karthik say what Hima is the one who brought a change in him and she is the reason he is still alive. He further emotionally requests Deepa to stay away from Hima as he is afraid that his equation with Hima might take a beating due to the growing proximity between them (Hima and Deepa).

This leaves Deepa puzzled. She wonders why there is yet another obstacle when she got very close to her daughter. But she does not reveal that Hima is their daughter.

Sourya and Varanasi arrive. They take Karthik inside and inform about the pending school fees. This leaves Deepa annoyed. Karthik gives Varanasi a check for all the expenses.

At home, Monitha smells the fragrance of Karthik 's perfume and thinks that he has come for her. She gets disappointed when Srilatha tells her that Karthik has not come but it is indeed her who got the perfume.

Deepa is seen pondering over the confrontation with Karthik. For a moment, she thinks of compromising for Karthik with regard to Hima. But she recollects how she was treated when she approached for commitment in the past. You conclude that Karthik does not deserve this favor. She decides to stay firm on her decision to claim Hima.

At a bar, Karthik orders alcohol and keeps thinking about Deepa 's cold reaction to his plea. I have thought Deepa has no gratitude towards him whatsoever. But as he is about to consume alcohol, I have recollects Hima 's objection towards his habit of consuming alcohol. I have withdraws and goes home.

Anand rao and Soundarya are surprised to see Karthik spending time with Hima.