Ke Apon Ke By written update, July 9, 2019: Tanna asks Joba's family to stop bidding

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke Por , Joba & And you take utmost care of Koel & Kuhu.

Next morning Lata, Joba & And you arrange everything for the puja. Param feels happy seeing the family members smiling once again. Sarthak & Amiya join them too.

And you suddenly remembers that Koel & Kuhu have been asked by the doctor to take protein for their health issues. But due to the puja, at home they can’t cook non-vegetarian food too.

Lata believes in rituals & suggests skipping the diet for a day. Being a doctor, Rahul tries to explain that such diet is necessary for Koel since she has undergone a critical surgery. It makes Lata upset. Amiya too tries his bit to convince Lata but fails.

And you suddenly comes up with an alternative vegetarian dish so that Koel’s diet can be maintained. Everyone praises And you . Thakurmoshai comes & intends to starts puja.

Tanna enters & creates a drama. He recalls how he was insulted in front of his friends during a party & asks Joba ’s family why they have arranged for a puja without taking his permission.

Palak pleads him to stop while Saheli provokes Tanna against the family members. Saheli asks them to take the idol elsewhere & start the puja.

An angry Debu gives a befitting reply to Saheli & requests Thakurmoshai to start the puja.

It doesn’t go well with Saheli. She suddenly asks whether Joba ’s family have cooked non-vegetarian items for Tanna . Param informs how they not following Koel’s diet in order to respect the tradition & giving her vegetable Soup instead.

Joba tries to calm Tanna down but he asks them to stop the puja right away.