Karnataka political crisis: main developments

* The MLA of Congress-JD (S) rebels, who resigned from the assembly, submitted to the Supreme Court on Wednesday accusing the speaker of abandoning their constitutional duty and deliberately delaying the acceptance of their resignations.

* The main leader arrived in Mumbai today to make one last attempt to pacify the rebellious MLAs stationed in a luxury hotel. However, Mumbai police did not allow him to enter the hotel. Upon his arrival, Shivakumar told reporters: Let Mumbai police or any other force deploy. We come to meet our friends. We were born together in politics and we will die together.

* 12 MLA: seven from Congress, three from JD (S) and two independents are in the city of Mumbai since Saturday after resigning the assembly's membership and withdrawing support for the state coalition government.

* Security has increased outside the Renaissance Hotel in Powai, Mumbai, where the 10 dissident MLAs are staying. The Maharashtra State Reserve Police Force and the Riot Control Police have been deployed outside the hotel.

* Ten MLA congressional rebels-JD (S) combined wrote to the Mumbai police commissioner expressing fears of threat to their lives, saying that CM Kumaraswamy, Shivkumar and others are going to attack the facilities of the hotel where they are located. The letter signed by 10 MLAs said they felt threatened by this. The letter indicated that the MLAs were not willing to meet with the two leaders and wanted the police not to allow them to enter the hotel facilities.

* In Bengaluru, the BJP senior leader, BS Yeddyurappa, said they will sit in a Dharna today. We have decided to sit in Dharna in front of Vidhana Soudha. We will meet with the president and the governor, he said.

* The embattled coalition government in Karnataka on Tuesday had a break with state assembly president KR Ramesh Kumar, saying the resignations of 9 of the 14 rebel MLAs are not in order.

* Struggling to save the government, Congress also sought speaker intervention to disqualify its rebel legislators. The rebellious MLAs, however, did not seem dissuaded by the congressional disqualification movement and said there was no doubt that they would withdraw their resignations. Congress also accused the BJP of using the power of money to attract its members. The BJP has denied the charge.

* The fate of JD (S) - 13-month government congress led by the chief minister, DK Kumaraswamy, is based on the speaker's decision on the resignation of the 14 MLA, including Shivajinagar MLA R Roshan Baig, who joined the car of dissidents on Tuesday. A total of 13 MLAs - 10 of the Congress and 3 of the JD (S) - submitted their resignation to the speaker's office on Saturday, provoking a political crisis in the state.

* The total strength of the ruling coalition is 116 (Congress-78, JD (S) -37 and BSP-1) in addition to the speaker. With the support of the two Independents, who on Monday resigned from the ministry, the BJP has 107 MLA in the 224-member Chamber, where the mid-point is 113. If the 14 MLA are accepted, the coalition count will be reduced to 102 The speaker also has a vote.

* Putting brave face, Kumaraswamy met with his JD (S) legislators hiding in a resort on the outskirts of Bengaluru and expressed confidence that the BJP operation to evict the government will fail.

* The state unit of the BJP, meanwhile, demanded the resignation of Kumaraswamy, who, he said, lost the majority after 14 MLA of the ruling coalition resigned.

* The 14 MLA who submitted their resignations are ST Somashekhar, Munirathna, BA Basavaraj, Pratap Gouda Patil, BC Patil, Ramesh Jarkiholi, Shivaram Hebbar, Mahesh Kumathalli, Reddy Ramalinga, Anand Singh and R Roshan Baig (all Congressmen), and Gopalaiah , Narayana Gowda, Adagur H Vishwanath (all JD-S), said the speaker.

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