The liquor stores in Andhra Pradesh will close at 6 pm

VIJAYAWADA: It is likely that the state situation generates many surprises for the guzzlers, since the government is making every effort to implement them gradually. While it is almost certain that there will be no stores closed, sources say that the liquor stores will close at 6 pm instead of 10 pm.

The reason behind the idea is that many people prefer to drink at night. People tend to go to bars or after work. More than 70% of the businesses were made after 6 pm. The new plan will make it difficult for typographers to enjoy their daily dose.

Many people used to drink in wine stores or bars, since they do not want problems at home. People can not stop drinking with reduced hours of operation, but their frequency will drop, said a special tax department official.

The state government is also considering reducing the number of liquor stores by 20%, increasing prices and prohibiting some of the brands.

Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy made an election pledge that they will implement the complete liquor ban gradually. If it failed, Jagan said he will not ask for another term. After assuming the position of chief minister, he ordered officials to prepare a new excise policy in line with their promise to achieve a complete liquor ban over the next four years.

After the current liquor policy expired on June 30, the government extended licenses for the liquor stores for 3 months until September 30. Since the government took control of alcohol consumption seriously, more than 800 liquor store owners have not extended their licenses.