I am glad that my daughters are debuting at a time when the cinema with good content is the norm

The Singh-headed Vijayalakshmi Yaanaa , starring her three daughters debutantes, Vaibhavi , Vainidhi & Vaisiri Jagdish, in the lead, releases on July 12. The film also marks a comeback of sorts for Viijayalakshmi. As she gears up to launch her daughters, the filmmaker reflects on her journey with Yaanaa.

Directing my daughters

It was the urge to do a youthful film that made me write Yaanaa & while I did not originally think of it as a project to launch my daughters, their constant inputs & interactions made me see them as the three leading ladies I had etched out. When we eventually got around to making the film, it was quite a task, as they had to juggle college & shoot schedules. My husband (Jai Jagdish) & I often felt that they had taken on an enormous burden on their shoulders. But they pulled it off really well. I enjoyed working with them. Yaanaa took four years to complete & the process was often overwhelming. But the team has put in its best, & I am very satisfied with the final product.

The film industry is receptive to strong female characters.

In terms of make movies , a lot has changed from a few decades ago. Earlier, a month ahead of the release, they would ‘lock’ the film, i.e, that the reels would be finalised. Today, with digital advancements, you can edit your film till the last minute, & this can be daunting. I have also tried to make the product better, with respect to promotional material. As far as content of cinema goes, the industry & audiences are a lot more receptive to stories with strong women characters. When I had gotten into cinema, often, the style was dramatic & not very subtle & heroines were portrayed as nitwits. It was upsetting to play such roles. But the change now is promising. People like realistic films with good content. I am glad that my girls are entering cinema at such a time.