The cabinet may consider a proposal to seek death for aggravated sexual assault of children

NEW DELHI: The Union Cabinet could consider a proposal that seeks the death penalty in cases of sexual aggression against children with aggravated aggression, regardless of gender, at its meeting on Wednesday, the sources said. The draft law on the protection of children against sexual crimes (amendment) of 2019 was introduced in Parliament earlier this year, but was not adopted in either House.

The invoice he had also sought amendments to articles 4, 5 and 6 of the POCSO Act to provide the option of strict punishment, including the death penalty, for committing aggravated sexual assault on a child.

The Law defines a child as anyone under the age of 18 and the amendments are intended to discourage the trend by acting as a deterrent.

In addition, Section 9 of the Act also sought to amend to protect children from sexual crimes in times of natural disasters and disasters, and in cases where children are being administered or to reach early sexual maturity with the child. purpose of sexual assault by penetration.

According to the POCSO Bill, the offender can be further penalized with a penalty of three years in prison or a fine, or both, for transmitting, propagating and administering said material.