According to one study, Indians are loyal to brands that have a digital commitment

CHENNAI: Results of a study made among 34,000 consumers in 18 countries by the customer engagement platform Verint shows that 70% of Indian consumers are loyal to brands that have a digital tool for commitment.

While the first preference of consumers is to manage their online consultation (32%), talking to someone (29%) or going to the store (31%) is not far behind. 76% of Indian respondents add that their queries will be lost by fully automated services such as chatbots.

Indian customers are more inclined towards using digital channels of customer service than their global counterparts. 67% of the respondents agree that digital channels provide the best overall experience but fast forward to 2030, Indian customers will still want the human interface to be integral to customer service,” said Anil Chawla, MD, Customer Engagement Services, Verint .