MP: 2 journalists attacked by timber traffickers in the Ujjain district

INDORE: Two journalists were reportedly brutally beaten by some when the victims covered an inspection by forest officials at a wooden workshop in the city of Mahidpur in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday.

The group of journalists visited the wood storage area - Mushtaq Ki Taal - when the defendants beat them with sticks and axes, injuring an eveninger reporter, Tanmay Khanuja, and an electronic mediator, Anil Bairagi, Mahidpur police Ramchandra Koli said.

The journalists were accompanying a forest department team led by forest ranger Udairaj Singh panwar, when four people, Ashraf, Mushtaq, Annu and Moinuddin, attacked them, he said, adding that the forestry team was investigating allegations of large-scale logging. stopover in the village of Barapathhar.

The wounded were taken to the hospital and treated. The doctors claimed that Khanuja suffered head injuries, while Bairagi was injured in the extremities and torso. Both were out of danger.

The police have reserved the attackers for an assassination attempt, causing injuries voluntarily and launching abuses. The defendants have not yet been arrested.