Allahabad: Upset man on power pole keeps cops on toes for 3 hours

ALLAHABAD: There was a high-voltage drama, almost literally, near Baihrana on Tuesday morning when a young man, who is said to be mentally unstable, climbed a high-voltage electricity pole and refused to go down.

It took staff from the power , police and firemen more than three hours to convince him otherwise. Kydganj police identified the youths as Subhash Patel, 30, the son of the late Vishwanath Patel and born in the Reewa district of Madhya Pradesh.

Subhash climbed the pole behind Baihrana power house around 5.30am and began crying profusely. Passers-by soon gathered on the spot and some informed police.

Two local residents initially made efforts to bring him down, but the youth remained adamant. A police team, along with officials from the fire and power departments, negotiated hard to convince him that no harm was meant and finally managed to get him down.

The head of the Baihrana police outpost said that Subhash seemed mentally unstable. He told the police that he had come from Allahabad on Sunday night. He even mentioned climbing the ganga bridge post in Dihiya in Reewa, MP, last year.

We have sent him to the hospital to receive medical assistance, said the officer.