Jay Bhanushali sharpens cradle skills for his first baby

After adopting two of their child caretakers, the actor-host Jay Bhanushali He is expected to have his first child with wife and actress. Mahhi Vij . He says it's a fascinating feeling to be a father again and he's actually taking lullaby lessons for his little one.

"It is a fascinating feeling to be a father all over again and it is even more thrilling because this is our first kid together," Jay said.

I want to help Mahhi in all possible ways. I would like Mahhi to take complete care of herself and our baby, so that she does not lose sleep in the last months, I am learning lullabies and practicing them daily. he added.

Thanks to his work as the presenter of the children's singing reality show, Superstar Singer, Jay says he has the opportunity to perfect his singing skills from the best of the business.

It would be great if he could take responsibility for calming our baby in the middle of the night, he said, adding: I talked to all the captains: Salman Ali, Sachin Valmiki, Nitin Kumar and Jyotica Tangri and, they came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlearning songs of cradle Not trusting that I would succeed, I told them that it is not possible for me to do it. But they are giving me all the confidence. I told them not to force me, but they are all too excited to teach me. So, I'm finally taking cradle classes now.