Rahul Gandhi raises slogans in Lok Sabha about the Karnataka problem

NEW DELHI: President of Congress Rahul Gandhi On Tuesday, slogans were published in Lok Sabha about the developments in Karnataka.

This is the first time that Gandhi was seen raising slogans in the 17th Lok Sabha.

Gandhi arrived at the house at noon. At that time the leader of the Congress. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury He was up and accused the ruling party of poaching his MLA in the state.

However, he was rejected by spokesman Om Birla who said the matter was discussed in the House on Monday and the deputy leader of Lok Sabha. Rajnath singh He had responded to the charges.

It is your duty to save democracy, said a member of Congress.

Dissatisfied with the speaker's response, Chowdhury again tried to pose the problem.

He wrote a few slogans on a piece of paper and gave them to his fellow parliamentarians who were sitting behind him, who quickly picked them up.

The members raised slogans such as Down the dictatorship (Tanashahi Band Karo), Stop the policy of poaching (Shikar ki rajneeti Band Karo Band karo).

While members formed slogans, Gandhi also joined them, but his tone was not as high as others. He simply repeated the last words of the slogans.

When the members entered the well, they continued with the sloganeering.

The speaker also cautioned members against bringing posters.

This is our right, said one of the members. To which the speaker said: No, it is not your right.

The country is watching you. This is your house. Do not make it the home of a civic body, said Birla.

Congress has raised issues related to Karnataka in the Lok Sabha and accused the BJP of the government of engaging in the policy of poaching.

The one-year-old coalition government of the Congress-Janata Dal (S) in Karnataka is on the verge of collapse after a series of resignations by the MLA.

So far, 14 MLA have resigned in Karnataka, which includes 11 of the Congress and three of the JD (S). If accepted, the strength of the coalition government in the assembly would be reduced to 102 less than the President, compared to half of the rating of 113.

The strength of the BJP as of now is 107.