'So Positive' by Ananya Panday creates a great impact: Instagram announces features against bullying

On social media day, the 'SOTY2' star, Ananya Panday, took up a cause to fight against social media harassment. Little did we know that the larger platform would consider its initiate as a catalyst in the whole process of starting the battle to deny bullying through. By demonstrating it, the most popular social networking platform in the world, Instagram has introduced a new feature to report cases of online harassment on its platform.

So positive, the Anarya Panday DSR initiative has definitely created the right noise in all the places where it has received recognition from all for its support of the cause. Surely it is a good note where when one begins something significant and we see that the larger organizations follow and believe in it, the struggle is real and more relevant at the same time.

Previously, the Instagram official announced the features to combat bullying. We know that bullying is a challenge faced by many, especially young people. We are committed to leading the industry in the fight against online harassment, and we are reconsidering the whole matter. Instagram's experience to fulfill that commitment. We can do more to prevent intimidation from happening on Instagram, and we can do more so that the targets of bullying can defend themselves. Today we are announcing a new function in both areas.

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As Instagram announced the features against bullying, it's a big step and if Ananya Panday and her initiative have been part of the driving force of an organization like Instagram, this is huge.

This is exactly the thought the actress had when she planned to take on and support the cause. In the digital environment and being a public platform, where everyone sees what happens, but nobody takes a step to stop it. Ananya took the baton for the cause.

The exalted Ananya Panday put her hand to her social network and shared: This is huge! 🥳 Such a big step ... If everything I've said @SoPositiveDSR has been a small catalyst, I feel significant and vindicated ... ❤ #SuperGreatful

The initiative taken by Ananya Panday aims to create and spread awareness about harassment in social networks. The main focus of the initiative is to make people aware of the fact that this problem exists and is still very prevalent in society. In addition, the steps that can be taken by the recipients of this destructive criticism to deal with this.

The platform would create a commitment to inform the general public about the existing actions that will arise from the problem. The Ananya initiative focuses on providing support and guidance to people to collaborate with useful entities, such as the government and lawyers, among others.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Ananya, who debuted in Student Of The Year 2 of Punit Malhotra, will be seen in the new official version of Pati Patni Aur Woh, who also stars Kartik Aaryan & Bhumi Pednekar in the main roles.