The crisis of Karnataka rocks Rajya Sabha; House postponed per day

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, he witnessed an uproar over the fact that members of the opposition Congress stormed into the well of the House of Representatives and raised slogans, which led to the suspension of the day's proceedings.

The Upper House witnessed the protests of members of Congress, TMC, CPI and CPIM as soon as they reconvened at 2 pm after two postponements earlier that day.

The house was suspended within three minutes as the uproar prevailed.

Vice President Harivansh, who was presiding over the procedure, repeatedly appealed to members protesting to return to their seats, noting that the House should discuss the 2019-20 Union Budget and that the Congress leader, P Chidambaram, should talk about it

However, as the protests continued, he adjourned the House session for the day.

Congress has been accusing the ruling BJP at the Center of instigating a rebellion within the Congress government-JD-S in Karnataka.

The one-year-old coalition government of the Congress-Janata Dal (S) in Karnataka is on the verge of collapse after a series of resignations by the MLA.

The Karnataka Assembly has 225 members, including a nominated MLA. The mark halfway through the Assembly of 225 members is 113.

Earlier in the day, the House was adjourned until 2 pm after the protests of members of Congress continued.

Within minutes of the House assembly, members of Congress broke into the shouts of slogans that implied that democracy was being killed in reference to the events in Karnataka.

TMC members also threw themselves into the well against the privatization of public sector units, forcing the President Venkaiah Naidu To postpone the performances until 1200 hours.

When the House reconvened at noon to take the place, there were almost similar scenes with a slogan that shouted to Congress and members of TMC in El Pozo.

Harivansh, who was presiding over the procedure at the time, made repeated efforts to persuade protestors to return to their seats for question time.

However, their appeals were not addressed and the House was suspended until 2 pm.

Before lifting the House until 2 pm, he told members of Congress protesting that the President had allowed them to raise the Karnataka problem during Zero Hour, but it was not used.

At the beginning of Zero Hour, Naidu said he received a notification in accordance with rule 267 from Congressman B K Hariprasad, who requested the suspension of the businesses listed to address the Karnataka problem.

I'm not allowing it, he said, which caused members of Congress to rush to follow the screaming slogans.

Naidu also said that he received a notification under rule 267 from Dola Singh of TMC, but can not be allowed since the same time was mentioned in a mention of Zero Hour on June 21, the first day of the session.

The members of TMC got into the well, but the problem they were raising could not be heard.

On June 21, one of the issues raised during the Zero Hour was the delay of the Center in granting ST status to 11 communities recommended by the government of West Bengal.

According to the rules, he can not discuss the same issues twice in the same session, Naidu said, adding that the House worked without interruption for 13 days, but now it seems that the members were determined to interrupt.

If you have decided to interrupt, I will postpone the proceedings until 1200 hours, he said.

Earlier, BJP leader Lokhandwala Jugalsinh Mathurji, who was elected to the Upper House of Gujarat in the partial polls last week, was sworn in as a member of Rajya Sabha.