Written update of Kathalo Rajakumari, July 8, 2019: Radhakrishna accepts the help of Ramulu

In the last episode of Kathalo Rajakumari , Ramulu (the uncle of Avani) offers Radhakrishna shelter when they are homeless. Akshay , Swarna and others convince Radhakrishna to accept Ramulu's offer. Radhakrishna says that they will accept no help further. Everyone, except Swarna, adjusts in the new house. Avani and Haasini quickly get to clean the house while Swarna stays away. Sulochana and Radhakrishna ask Swarna to manage for the time being. They thank Ramulu for all the help.

Avani also thanks Ramulu for the timely help. I've even offered some cash but the latter denies adding that it will be disrespectful towards Radhakrishna.

Pavani enjoys sumptuous meal thinking about the ill fate of Akshay and his family. She feels proud of herself for causing such a fate to Akshay's family.

Akshay goes to get the family dinner. Avani arrives and requests the hotel owner to give them food for free assuring him to pay later. The hotel owner is mighty impressed with Avani 's honesty. I give them food.

Swarna, who is extremely hungry, gorges on the food brought by Avani and Akshay. Haasini taunts Swarna for the same and Sulochana requests them to eat without much fuss. Radhakrishna later questions Avani and Akshay how did they get food without money. While Akshay is about to reveal the truth, Avani tries to cover up.