More than 500 alleged slaves imprisoned in Britain last year.

LONDON: More than 500 alleged victims of slavery were detained in immigration detention centers by British authorities last year, according to official data published on Tuesday that experts said the survivors were being treated as criminals rather than victims.

Immigration officials were not adequately supporting those escaping from slavery and risking increasing their trauma by locking them up, he found an After Exploitation report, which used freedom of information requests to obtain the data.

Too often, victims of trafficking are perceived as immigration criminals rather than victims, said the deputy director of the charity Bail for Immigration Detainees, in response to the report.

the Home Office (Ministry of the Interior) said that no person who said he had been trafficked would have to leave the country while his claim was considered and that the status of the victim was considered when deciding his immigration case.

La detención es una parte importante del sistema de inmigración, pero debe ser justa, digna y proteger a the más vulnerables, dijo una portavoz a la Fundación Thomson Reuters.

Hemos realizado mejoras significativas en nuestro enfoque en the últimos años, pero seguimos comprometidos a ir más allá.

People who are recognized as likely victims of modern slavery are entitled to a support package that includes accommodation, counseling and some costs of living, while their case is evaluated under the scheme of the National Reference Mechanism (NRM) of Great Britain .

However, victims of trafficking have no automatic right to remain in Britain and, in some circumstances, may be detained in order to carry out their expulsion.

Un total de 507 personas fueron reconocidas como probables víctimas de esclavitud bajo el MNR antes de ser detenidas por primera vez o durante su detención en 2018, según the datos.

En total, 2,726 personas fueron reconocidas como probables víctimas de esclavitud en 2017, the datos oficiales más recientes disponibles, lo que sugiere que hasta un quinto se había mantenido bajo las normas de inmigración en algún momento, dijeron the autores.

Las organizaciones benéficas que brindan apoyo en the centros de detención informan que las personas vulnerables a menudo carecen de un acceso adecuado a la atención médica, el apoyo a la salud mental y the servicios legales, según el informe, lo que pone a las víctimas de la esclavitud en riesgo de sufrir más daños.

the Home Office said 479 people were already in detention when they were officially recognised as probable slavery victims, and nearly 90% were then released within a week.

the data showed officials had either allowed known potential victims to be detained or had failed to recognise the signs of trafficking, the report said.

It was requested that anyone who was referred to the NRM be automatically released from detention.

We strongly urge the government to recognize and address the frequency with which vulnerable people are detained, said Maya Esslemont of After Exploitation.

The British Parliament will organize a debate on the immigration detention of survivors of trafficking and slavery on Tuesday, led by Jess Phillips, a legislator of the opposition Labor Party.

The government estimates that at least 13,000 people in Britain are victims of forced labor, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude. The police say that the true figure could be in the tens of thousands.