Super 30: Hrithik Roshan announces #MeToo's accusations against director Vikas Bahl

Hrithik Roshan Now you can breathe a sigh of relief when your Super 30 movie finally gets its long-awaited release this Friday. The film that made headlines from the first day, came to a great obstacle when its director Vikas Bahl was accused of sexual harassment as a result of the #I also movement in india. After the director was acquitted of the accusations against him, the manufacturers finally went ahead with promotions that included the release of the trailer and the song during the past month.

While out promoting his film on various media platforms, Hrithik opened up about the shocking allegations Bahl that prompted him to take a tough stand. Admitting that the journey with the film was a tough one, he claimed that he was one of the first to take a tough stand against the director. He also added that he was completely supportive of the #I also movement and believed in ending the exploitative attitude towards women.

He explained that it was important not to make the process independent of the law, based solely on social media rumors. Emphasizing the importance of following the law of the land, he said that one simply could not take matters into their own hands.

He went on to say that since a designated ICC committee exonerated Vikas, they were not in a position to take away the credit.

The movie, which also stars. Mrinal Thakur and Nandish Sandhu in key roles, will see Hrithik assume the role of Indian mathematician Anand Kumar, who leaves his job as a teacher in a higher training center, to devote his time to teaching disadvantaged children.

Super 30 hits theaters on July 12.